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LOGO. For Mozilla SVG builds. Because I can. You can get a random snapshot. (15th December 2003) With any luck, extracting it somewhere and pointing Moz to the XUL file should start it up. XPIs when I suck less. Type in a (basic) command, and hit return to do stuff.

Development hiatus: With the introduction of Firefox (aka Mozilla/Browser, Phoenix and Firebird), the fate of Mozilla Suite was unsure. The status of which SVG rendering backend was being used, and therefore any bugfixes for these, was also unsure. These seem to be clearing up, so if you're interested, make it known!

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Some more advanced commands are working now - so repeats, to, etc. works. What isn't working is passing results from one command to another - so, for example fd random 100 won't work.

Commands Supported

Turtle Graphics
bk Working
fd Working
home Working
ht Buggy3
lt Working
pd Working
pe Not working (need info)1
pu Working
px Not working (need info)1
rt Working
seth Working
setpc Working
setpos Not working (uses lists)
setx Working
sety Working
st Working
tf Not working
towards Not working (uses lists)
Graphic Screen
clean Working
cs Working
dot Not working (uses lists)
dotc May not be possible
fence Not working (need info)2
fs Not working - use widget
pal May not be relevant
setbg Not working (need info)1
setpal May not be relevant
setscrunch Not working
sf Not working
ss Not working - use widget
window Not working (need info)2
wrap Not working (need info)2
Word and List Processing
asciiBackend only
bf Backend only
bl Backend only
char Backend only
countBackend only
emptyp Backend only
firstBackend only
fput Not working (need info)
item Backend only
last Backend only
lc Backend only
list Not working
listpBackend only
lput Backend only
memberp Backend only
numberp Backend only
pieceBackend only
se Not working
shuffle Backend only
uc Backend only
whereBackend only
word Backend only
wordpBackend only
arctan Backend only
cos Backend only
int Backend only
quotient Backend only
random Backend only
remainder Backend only
rerandom Not working (need info)
round Backend only
sin Backend only
1Are pe and px just shortcuts to the colours, or actual "modes"? If setbg was called, would the lines drawn with pe have to go to?
2These were designed for fixed-size screens of limited memory - what happens with a resizable screen? What happens if resizing makes the turtle out of bounds?
3Does not show straight away - resizing or drawing will show