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CSS Preview Survey

There are a number of things that need doing to CSS Preview, and I'd like to know what everyone would like out of it. I've deliberately limited your choices so I know what people want *most*, and I'll try to do that first.

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Type in "human" without quotes:
Most wanted bugfix: Browser version differences (whee! Only IE to go!)
Load other sites parser with BASE HREF and IFRAMEs
Manual/documentation (which is in progress )
What new feature would you most like: CSS Versioning (stick to specific version of CSS)
CSS 3 rules
Pick element's ID and Class from tree
Sample stylesheets
Export CSS from page
Colour Scheme generator
Download version to use on own test site
Finally, add anything else you'd like to say!


Some previous options in the survey have now been addressed:

  • Some colour pickers are unfinished
  • Selector Creator remaining bugs (it now actually makes selectors!)
  • Navigating BACK to CSS Preview from other sites
  • Option to open CSS Preview in separate window