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CSS Preview - Browser Compatibility

CSS Preview is regularly tested with a range of browsers, and wherever possible, workarounds are found for any compatibility issues. This is not always possible, as browsers do not always support needed web standards. Therefore, three branches are maintained - v5, v6 and v7.

Internet Explorer

Only works in with v5, reason unknown. Tested in IE 5.0, 5.5 and 6, Windows.

Mozilla / Firefox

Should work with any version, v7 recommended. Some things (like text-shadow) won't work because Gecko doesn't currently support them.

Konqueror / Safari

Safari and Konqueror share similar codebases, so what applies to Konqueror should also apply to Safari.

Early revisions of v7 didn't work in Konqueror, but this has now been fixed. This has been tested in 3.4, but should apply to earlier versions. There are a few issues remaining in v6 and v7, which are mostly minor. Bug numbers are the related bug in the tracker.

On the other hand, Konqueror supports text-shadow, so it currenly gets exclusive use of the nice picker for it :)


v5 works fully. Opera initially didn't work with later verisons, but these are now mostly fixed, with these issues:

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